No more swaying to power ballads in the gym?

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Picture it: a sweaty high school cafeteria dance, circa 1992.

“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory has just ended and the first strains of Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” start to…

It’s less macabre than it sounds.

Salem Harbor at low tide ~Author’s photo

I’m in Salem, Massachusetts for a few days for some rest and rejuvenation. My 23,000+ steps today doesn’t sound like rest, but I’m already feeling the good effects.

I came here to connect with the ocean and with some ancestor energy. Big water, most…

Digging beneath the surface to find the problem

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Gardening is a hobby of mine, especially since lockdown began almost seventeen months ago. With all of my theatre shows cancelled, and everything else for that matter, I had more time to plan and create and I did. I’ve planted a Shakespeare…

The end of an era

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My youngest graduated last month. There was actually a normal graduation ceremony this year, not a drive-through event like the class of 2020 had to have because of COVID. It was held outside, our local high school usually does it that way, and it was…

They won’t be here forever.

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I recently saw a friend’s post on Facebook about talking to your grandparents, learning about their pasts, their histories, their lives before they were grandparents, before it was too late to ask them.

That stuck with me. I loved my grandparents very much. I still…

A good decision was made.

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Seven weeks ago I left my secure teaching position and started a new job adventure. I had a really good spot in a district, did fairly well at the actual teaching part, and loved the people I worked with. I had a great administrator.


Or, The Chameleon Effect

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Social media can be both a blessing and a curse, but for me, it’s mainly a way to keep in touch with people, especially those who I don’t get to see very often. In the past ten months of COVID, that’s almost everyone I know, so it has definitely come…

How open is your mind?

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Almost everyone loves a good ghost story. Sitting around a campfire while swapping tales or under blankets with a flashlight at a sleepover, jumping at mystery noises are a rite of passage for many kids. …

A time of reminiscing.

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I fell in love with horses when I was quite small, I don’t remember exactly when. One Christmas, I received two families of Breyer toy horses, Arabians, I think. Each set was composed of a mare, a stallion, and a foal and I played with them…

Julie Ballantyne Brown

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